More than half of these 100 soccer drills are for 2 or 3 players, the second half for 4 and more players. The clips offer many different soccer drills actions like dribbling, ball passing, heading, shooting on goal, etc. Each drill can be practiced uninterrupted in a circuit until the coach stops the drill.

A new element, especially when coaching youth:
The coach selects the soccer drills that will be practiced in the next session. Players can study these drills in advance themselves. That will reduce the time needed for explanation of the more complicated drills.

All 100 soccer drills are integrated in one file. Each clip can be immediately accessed by clicking on the menu.

The download of this 100 drills will take only a few minutes
(Filesize only 1.6 MB).

To start up these clips is very simple, just click on the downloaded file (100drills.exe) and the menu will appear.
No additional installation, software or PLUG-IN is needed.

Minimum system requirements:
Processor 486 or faster, WINDOWS 95 or later (16MB RAM)
In this demo version you can learn how to use the menu. Five drills are for free. In the full version it is possible to switch these clips to fullscreen preview. The operation of these clips is as simple as controls on a VCR or a DVD player.
In this preview not available
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